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Silicone oil

Name: Silicone oil

Other Name: Silicone oil

Category: Organosilicon

Chemical industry: Due to the good chemical stability, weather resistance, hydrophobicity and anti-shearing capability, it is widely used in insulation lubrication, anti-vibration, anti-dust, anti-oil and dielectric fluid and heat carrier. It is also used as a defoamer and paint additive.

Medical industry: Due to its defoaming effect, it is prepared into oral gastrointestinal dimethicone, pulmonary edema defoaming aerosol, etc. Addiction of silicone oil in medical ointments may improve the transcutaneous permeability and thus the efficacy. Some silicone oil-based pharmaceutical creams have good efficacy for burns, dermatitis, bed sores, etc.; due to its anti-clotting effect, silicone oil is used to treat the surface of blood storage devices to extend period of blood storage; medicine bottles treated with silicone can extend the shelf life of drugs and avoid loss of the preparation due to adherence to the wall. Construction industry: It can be cross-linked into films with presence of catalysts to form waterproof membranes on the surface of materials and used as waterproofing agents

Automotive industry: Due to the inadhesion to rubber, plastics, metal and other materials, it is used as a molding release agent for rubber and plastic products as well as in precision casting. When used as a mold release agent, it not only makes mold release easy, but also makes the product surface clean, smooth and clear in texture.

Textile industry: After emulsion or modification, it is used in smooth finishing of textile for smoothness and softness.

Electronic communication: It is used as a temperature-resistant, arc-resistant, corona-resistant, anticorrosive, moistureproof and dustproof insulating medium on motors, electrical appliances and electronic instruments; it is also currently used as an impregnating agent of transformers, capacitors,TV scan transformers, etc. Used as a liquid vibration and damping material in precision machinery and instrumentation. The vibration damping performance of 201 methyl silicone oil is little affected by temperature and thus often used where there is strong mechanical vibration and temperature variation, e.g., instruments of airplanes, cars, etc. Used for vibration, damping and stability of meter readings as well as liquid springs of aircraft landing gears.

Aerospace: Due to its anti-shear properties, it is used as a hydraulic oil, especially aircraft hydraulic oil.

Other industries: After emulsion or modification, it is used in daily shampoo to improve the lubrication of hair. Used in cosmetics to improve moisture and protection of skin and treatment of the surface of filmstrips for lubrication to reduce friction and prolong film life. Defoaming in oil drilling/paper industries


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