Advanced Materials
Silicon Resin

Name: Silicon Resin

Other Name: Silicon Resin

Manufacturer: (Bluestar Chengdu New Chemical Materials Co.,)

Category: Organosilicon

Contacts: 028-85564189

Chemical industry: A main raw material for the production of fumed silica and silica cloth Medical industry: Organic silicone contact lenses are widely accepted by myopia patients for its high oxygen permeability; organic silicone resin is used in anti-friction protection for transparent plastics, glass and lens; organic silicone adhesives are used in medical device assembly

Construction industry: applied in production of various types of coatings, sealants, glass cloth, etc.

Electronic communication: insulating paints, high temperature coatings, etc.

Aerospace: Aircraft ignition sealant, initially used in World War II; electrical insulating glass cloth coating paint, first used by the U.S. Navy in 1942.

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