Advanced Materials
Silicone Rubber

Name: Silicone Rubber

Other Name: RTV-silicone rubber

Category: Organosilicon

Chemical industry: A main raw material for the production of fumed silica and silica cloth

Medical industry: Due to the high elasticity and heat resistance, silicon rubber is applied in production of anti-noise earplugs, vacuum extractors, artificial blood vessels, tympanic membrane repair pieces, artificial trachea, artificial lungs, artificial bones, duodenal tubes, etc. which proves high effectiveness.
Construction industry: Used in construction caulks

Textile industry: Leather smoothing agents, release agents, special specification products can be used for fabric finishing and in the daily-use chemical industry

Electronic communication: Insulation for electronic components

Aerospace: Due to the characteristics of insignificant compressive deformation and good resistance to saturated water vapor, high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and its products can be used to manufacture sealing materials resistant to high and low temperature as well as waterproof and insulating materials.

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