Advanced Materials

Name: Microsilica

Other Name: Silica fume

Manufacturer: (Lanzhou BlueStar)

Category: Organosilicon

Contacts: 13919302111

Sales: Wang Guangping

Address of Manufacturer:  BlueStar Silicon Materials Co Ltd

In mortar and concrete: High-rise buildings, harbor docks, reservoir dams, irrigation culverts, railway and highway bridges, subways, tunnels, airport runways, concrete pavement, coal mine tunnel shotcrete reinforcement, etc.

Materials industry: High-grade and high-performance low-cement castable refractory and prefabticated members with three times the service life, 100℃ higher in refractoriness and notable improved high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance compared to normal castables; widely used in: coke, iron, steel, rolled steel, nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics and power generation industries; large-scale iron trough and ladle material, air bricks, painting repair materials, etc; applications in gravity-type castable refractory materials and dry and wet spraying construction; products of oxide combined with silicon carbide (ceramic kiln furniture, muffle plate, etc.); high temperature calcium silicate lightweight insulation materials; electric kiln corundum mullite push pedal. High-temperature resistant materials and products; corundum and ceramic products; sialon combined products; besides extensive applications in the castable refractory materials, it is also widely used in electric melted and sintered refractory industries.

New wall materials and decorative materials: Polymer mortar for wall insulation, thermal insulation mortar, interface agents.

Cement-based polymer waterproofing material.

Lightweight aggregate thermal insulation and energy conservation concrete and products.

Interior and exterior wall putty powder processing.

Other applications: ① A raw material for siliceous bricks. ② Production of sodium silicate. ③ A reinforcement material for organic compounds. Due to the similar composition to white carbon black produced by the vapor phase method, it can be used as a filler reinforcement material for rubber, resin, coatings, paint, unsaturated polyester and other polymer materials. ④ An anti-caking agent in the fertilizer industry.

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