Advanced Materials
Industrial Silicon

Name: Industrial Silicon

Other Name: Silicon Metal

Manufacturer: (Lanzhou BlueStar)

Category: Organosilicon

Contacts: 13919302111

Sales: Wang Guangping

Address of Manufacturer: BlueStar Silicon Materials Co Ltd

Chemical industry: applied in production of silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil and other organic silicon products

Electronics industry: applied in production of high-purity semiconductors for manufacture of high-power transistors, rectifiers, solar cells and so on. Modern large-scale integrated circuits are almost all made of high-purity silicon metal, which is also the main raw material for the production of optical fiber. It can be said that metal silicon has become the fundamental and pillar industry of the information age.

Metallurgical industry: Preparation of alloys, among which silicon-aluminium alloy is of the largest consumption amount. As a strong composite deoxidizer, silicon-aluminum alloy can be used to susbstitute for pure aluminium in the steel-making process to improve utilization rate of deoxidizer, purify molten steel, and thereby improve the quality of steel.

Aerospace, aviation and automotive industries: Due to the low density, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent casting and antiwear properties of silicon-aluminum alloy, its castings features high impact resistance and high-pressure density, thus greatly improving their service life and commonly used in production of spacecraft and auto parts.

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