Advanced Materials

Name: aramid

Other Name: aramid

Manufacturer: (Bluestar Chengdu New Chemical Materials Co.,)

Contacts: 028-85564189

Chemical industry: conveying belt, transferring belt, automobile hose, hydraulic system hose, ocean prospecting hose, gasoline pipeline, rubber roller, coated fabric, and air spring, etc.

Medical treatment industry: oxygen high pressure container

Construction industry: civil engineering, concrete consolidation and strengthening

Automobile industry: aircraft tire, racing car tire, high speed saloon car tire, cargo truck and engineering vehicle tire, motorcycle tire, and bicycle tire.

Textile industry: turnouts, fire resistance blanket, heat resistance work clothes, inflammable textile, anti-cutting gloves, cutting resistance chair fabric.

Electronic communication: fiber reinforced material, aircraft/satellite/warship-carried radar cover, wave-transmitting structural material, light-type antenna, special printing circuit, electronic circuit board, electronic and electric movement structural component, control and operating cable.

Aerospace: aircraft components (airscrew and tire), rocket solid engine shell, aircraft/satellite/warship-carried radar cover, wave-transmitting structural material, satellite parts, missile discharger.

Other industries:friction sealing and insulation material-mainly includes the brake band lining, clutch band lining, sealing ring, packing, gasket, thixotropic agent, industry use paper, insulation material; cables – mainly include pipeline cable reinforcement, general cable reinforcement, mechanical structure cable, vessel use cable; and physical training articles – racing car, ski, tennis racket, parachute rope

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