Advanced Materials
Engine coolant Antifreezing liquid

Name: Engine coolant Antifreezing liquid

Other Name: Engine coolant Antifreezing liquid

Category: Special Chemicals

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Automotive industry: the heat transfer medium of the automobile engine cooling system is featured in anti-freezing, anti-corrosive, anti-dirty, and anti-boiling functions

Other industries: heat transfer medium of the central air-conditioner system and the closed cycle cooling water system.

Chemical industry: it is the main raw material for producing silicon dioxide and silicone clothing

Medical treatment industry: organic silicone contact lens are accepted by large amount of short sight sufferers with its good oxygen permeability performance; organic silicone resin glass is used for anti-friction protection for the transparent plastics, glasses, and lens; organic silicone adhesive is used for assembling medical treatment equipments.

Construction industry: used for producing various types of dope, sealant and glass-fiber fabric

Automobile industry: used for antifreeze and coolant of automobile engine

Electronic communication: used for insulation paint and high temperature resistance dope.

Aviation and spaceflight: used as the ignition sealant of the airplane for the first time in World War II; used as the electric insulation glass-fiber fabric in American Navy in 1942 for the first time.

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