Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Subordinate to China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing Bluestar is composed of Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Chemical Machinery Plant, Bluestar Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Bluestar Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Bluestar Energy Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Bluestar Shenyang Project & Research Institute of Light Industry Machinery and covers the business of chemical equipment, membrane and water treatment, cleaning engineering, vehicle products and weighing and packing systems. Its subsidiary Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. and Bluestar Environmental engineering Co., Ltd. are both high-tech companies, the former being Beijing's technological center for enterprises. The State has listed it as one of the innovative enterprises in Zhongguancun Science and Technological Park, as a model of technology innovation in China's chemical industry. Bluestar Environmental engineering Co., Ltd. is the supporting unit of the National Environmental Protection Membrane Engineering Technology Center of China's Ministry of Environmental Protection. In 2006, it cooperated with Japan Chori Co., Ltd. and founded Beijing Star Disk Equipment Co., Ltd. In 2008, it co-funded (along with Japan's Toray Corporation) the establishment of China's largest production base of reverse osmosis membrane and membrane devices.

Committed to the green industry of energy-saving and environmental protection, Beijing Bluestar will promote the effective integration of each links of the industry chain, focus on scientific and technological innovation and develop its own and patented technologies. It will adopt the approach of continuous improvement and fine management, implement its market brand strategy and establish itself as an international and professional engineering company by introducing the world's best chemical practices.

We take it as our social responsibility under the guidance of the State's energy-saving and zero emission policy, to utilize Beijing Bluestar's resource advantages to realize the sustainable use of non-renewable resources and energies. We will do this by combining the technology of membrane and water treatment with electrolysis technology. Our corporate philosophy is to create value for shareholders and create jobs. Our operational philosophy is not to compete with upstream companies for resources or with downstream companies for markets. Instead our philosophy is that there is no authority, boundaries or ends to innovation.

Telephone Number: 010-67712634

BlueStar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

BlueStar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. originated from Beijing Chemical Machinery Plant. The company believes its responsibility is to develop Chinese ion-exchange membrane electrolytic cells. The company is China's only company capable of developing, designing and manufacturing ion-exchange membrane electrolytic cells and providing a complete set of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda plant, ion-exchange membrane electrolysis technology and engineering services. It is responsible for an output capacity of 2 million tons ion-exchange membrane electrolysis cells per year and 3.5 million tons of electrodes per year. Our products, with a domestic market share of 47 percent, are also sold to many countries and regions. The company has extended to both upstream and downstream markets, with salt water refining, caustic soda evaporation and caustic soda flaking becoming our proprietary technological products. BlueStar provides all types of ion-exchange membrane electrolytic devices. Over 12 million tons per year are sold to domestic and overseas customers. The NBZ-2.7 membrane polar distance electrolytic cells and high power density electrolytic cells were developed independently in September, 2008. They are of the same anode structure and are characterized by low energy consumption, high product purity, low carbon output and low operational cost. This technology has been applied to the upgrading of the forced circulating repolarization cells or low power density natural circulating cells to membrane polar distance electrolytic cells. This technology has become the world's preferred approach to newly-built caustic soda devices. The contracted volume of the company has exceeded 4 million tons. On October 15, 2009, it was included by the National Development and Reform Commission's No. 2151 document into the second group of resource saving and environmental protection projects for 2009. It won the title of State Key Products by the Ministry of Science and Technology for 2010 and the science and technology progress award for 2010 presented by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. Moreover, it was named as an internationally renowned brand by China Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Association and also listed in the energy-saving catalog of China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association for clean production technology promotion programs of the caustic soda industry. The successful operation of Siping Haohua ion membrane caustic soda falling film evaporating devices in July, 2009 broke the monopoly of foreign companies which produce similar devices. It also marked the industrialization of caustic soda devices and the beginning of their promotion and application in the industry. Heilongjiang Haohua, Wuxi Green Aipu and other companies adopted localized evaporating devices. Bluestar, with a comprehensive qualification in the design and manufacturing of pressure vessels, has advanced technologies, skills and equipment and can manufacture various non-standard pressure vessels to meet customer's needs.

Invested and founded by China Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. in 2010, Beijing Bluestar Energy Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a professional company providing energy-saving investment services based on contract energy management modes. Relying on its core technologies of membrane polar distance, the preparation technology of oxygen cathode ion-exchange membrane electrolytic cells and the nearly zero emission of industrial boilers, it provides investment services for the energy-saving and transformation projects of the chlor-alkali and chemical industries.

Telephone Number: 010-58082188/58082175/67742966

Beijing BlueStar Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Bluestar Technology Co., Ltd. (originally Beijing Branch, Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd.) is mainly engaged in the research, production and sale of fine chemicals including vehicle engine coolant, lubricating oil, vehicle maintenance products, polyurethane plastic, industrial cleaning agents and industrial water treatment drugs. It owns a world class automatic packaging assembly line imported from the United States, Germany and Italy, and has formed six categories of more than 200 products. Bluestar's engine coolant has experienced five innovations from conventional inorganic salt formula to full organic acid formula including amine formula. This technology has been leading China's market and has achieved world class status. Bluestar's lubricating oil uses imported compound addictives and refined base oil. Its related products have also been leading China's industries. The industrial cleaning agents and water treatment drugs independently developed by the company have been widely used in chemical, oil, aerospace, nuclear, metallurgy, electronics industries. The polyurethane plastic, produced with eco-friendly materials of low toxicity and nanotechnology, has successfully solved the problems of easily threshing, cracking and bubbling of traditional polyurethane tracks and can be applied to all kinds of schools of primary, secondary and higher education and all the training venues with a high usage rate of track and field venues. It has been widely acknowledged in this field. The company has won many honors: Japan's three-year non-stop driving test, the KS certification of Korean Standard Association, the FAW-Volkswagen certification, the Sinochem certification, renowned products of Gansu province, Beijing Customer Satisfaction Award, outstanding products on Jiangsu market, industrial famous product award, China high-quality products, China famous products, China green materials promotion certification and other honored titles. It has established sales networks and institutions in every sales area. A good sense of serving our clients has been instilled into the whole process of Bluestar's business. As for antifreezes, in addition to the domestic sales, they are further sold to countries, such as the United States, Japan, Russia and Ukraine.

Telephone Number: 010-80483053/52

Bluestar Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

As a leader of China's membrane and water treatment industry, Bluestar Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for drafting industry and national standards for membrane separation water treatment. It has pioneered the development and application of the double-membrane water treatment technology and owns outstanding advantages in sea water desalination, brackish water desalination, deep treatment of drinking water, industrial wastewater, deep treatment of life wastewater and BOD/COD/TOC online inspection. It has successfully contracted over 1,000 water treatment projects, such as the 30,000 tons per day wastewater reuse project of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the TISCO's clean water transformation and the 72,000 tons per day reuse project of its soft water station, which involves metallurgy, iron and steel, petrochemical, power plants, food and drinks, municipal water usage and other industries. It also has built up a number of industry demonstration projects. The company has over 200 professional technicians, 10 of whom conducted professional membrane technology studies in Australia. There are also some excellent project managers and designers who have undertaken the construction of many medium and large-scale projects. Through the quality, environment and occupational health safety management certification, the company has formed a set of scientific and effective management systems and operational modes. As for the supporting unit of National Membrane Engineering Technology Center for Environmental Protection, it has the capabilities of membrane integration, performance evaluation and engineering pilot testing. It participates in the research and formulation of the technological policies, standards and norms for environmental protection of related fields and will continue to promote the application of membrane technology and provide technological support and service for the nation's environmental management, supervision and decision-making. As a major member of China's membrane industry association, the company has made prominent contributions to the development and technological progress of China's membrane industry. It will devote itself to water conservation and environmental protection.

Telephone Number: 010-80497117/ 80482417/ 80485343

BlueStar Cleaning Co., Ltd.

Bluestar Cleaning owns the world's advanced cleaning equipment and has a comparatively strong technical force in China's cleaning industry. It is the leader in China's modern cleaning industry. In 2000, the trademark "Bluestar" was recognized as the only well-known trademark of China's industrial services. The company was contracted to do cleaning work prior to the system operation of the large sets of devices was put into practice in ethylene, fertilizers and others during the 8th Five-Year Plan and the 11th Five-Year Plan. It undertook the special and technical cleaning work for China's first spaceship "Zhenzhou" and for the first set of nuclear decommissioning devices. It also completed the cleaning and drying projects for the trunk pipelines of China's key project that was designed to transmit natural gas from the west to the east. The company owns intellectual property in the cleaning and drying technology of poly-silicon devices, Bluestar Cleaning provides professional services to almost all of China's successful large-scale poly-silicon devices. We're also won a qualified contractor award presented by Saudi Arabia's Aramco Oil and other internationally renowned petrochemical enterprises. Bluestar Cleaning is not only the nation's research and promotion center for chemical cleaning technology, but also the information center for the nation's cleaning industry. We're also known for being the occupational skill identification station and the supporting unit of industry institutions including the cleaning industry association, but also the organizing unit of China Cleaning Resources Network and the academic journal Cleaning World.

Telephone Number: 010-80483219/ 80482771

BlueStar Shenyang Project & Research Institute of Light Industry Machinery

We are mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of four series of products including solid granular powder packing machines, liquid filling machines, industrial weighing systems and weighing apparatus. New products have been successfully developed, such as our ton-bag automatic packing machines, and automatic liquid quantitative filling. They have been widely used in the chemical, light, metallurgy, mining, medical, food and fodder industries. The information center of the nation's weighing machine industry, the editing department of the journal Weighing Machines and the secretariat of National Technical Committee for Weighing Machine Standardization are set up at our institute.

Telephone Number: 024-24132821/24813912
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