Research & Development

By the end of December 2018, Bluestar held 3,128 patents including 2,697 patents for invention, took the lead in drafting 9 international standards, 175 national standards and 64 industry standards, and participated in the drafting of 4 international standards.

Currently, Bluestar has over 3,520 research and engineering fellows that are engaged in more than 400 scientific research projects around the world and are striving to propel Bluestar’s growth.

In material sciences, Bluestar makes use of its experience and technologies in upstream and downstream organosilicone industries, engineering plastics, special-purpose fibers and special-purpose chemicals to provide to the market more advanced and environmentally-friendly products such as organosilicone, polyphenyl ether, polyether, PBT, PVC paste resin, aramid, epoxy resin, carbon fiber and bisphenol A.

In life sciences, Bluestar uses its advanced experience, technologies and equipments for liquid and solid methionine, enzymic preparation and vitamins to offer healthy animal nutrition solutions, and works to extend its products and services to human in areas such as foods, drugs and cosmetics.

In environmental sciences, Bluestar gives play to its advanced experience, technologies and equipments for seawater desalination, water treatment engineering, membrane science and industrial cleaning to develop technical solutions of greater efficiency and lower energy consumption, with an aim to promote green and low-carbon economy and contribute to a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly society.

Moreover, in the basic chemical industry, Bluestar makes use of its experience and technical expertise accumulated over time to improve traditional industries on the basis of lean manufacturing process and cost optimization.

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